Portrait of Young Woman in silk scarf

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Woman with Scarf by Ann Sharp

Oil on canvas 20 x 24

Ann Sharp Art features paintings and portraits that capture the spirit and personality of every subject. I am a portrait artist specializing in creative impressionistic and realistic representations that capture the imagination of the audience and individuality of the subject. Every person painted and every still life and landscape has a story that is revealed in each unique stroke.


Originally from Annapolis Maryland, I acquired my art education from the University of Maryland, and have since painted portraits and landscape art in Santa Fe, Annapolis and the eastern shores of Maryland and Maine. Colorful still-life paintings, sprawling landscapes and moving portraits have taught me to see the world with an artist’s vision, and I am constantly learning.


View the online gallery for a sample of my work or to own one of these beautiful, captivating paintings. Contact me via phone or email to schedule a commission for your own portrait or landscape.